Updates to Medication/Sickness Policies – May 2017

Updates to Medication Policies – May 2017

We totally understand that your children may become ill whilst here at nursery and we only ever call to ask you to come to collect your child when we feel that your child is running a high fever or has severe sickness and diarrhoea. We also understand that your child may be brought to nursery if they have been unwell whilst at home. On these occasions we would prefer to know what the ailments are so that we are fully armed for all eventualities!

The CSSIW is our Governing Body and they have insisted that ALL nurseries exclude any child who has sickness or diarrhoea for 48 hours since the last incident. This is to prevent the spread of the infection for other babies. In the past we have had parents who haven’t excluded their children and it has resulted in some of the other babies becoming hospitalised. It also has a negative effect on my staff force here as we have to comply with the staff ratios and if they are off ill we may have to close the baby room due to non-compliance with the staff ratios for the CSSIW.

If your child requires medication whilst in our care, (of which we are happy to administer) however, our new policy moving forward will be that unless Medication forms are signed prior to leaving your children, we will be unable to accept your child into Saplings. Please note there will be NO exceptions to this policy. If medication has been administered by a doctor, this needs to have your child’s full name and date of birth and the dosage required labeled clearly.

We are happy to administer Infant Paracetamol here at Saplings for all the children, but again will require your written consent and confirmation of when the last does (within the last 24 hours) was administered. We also kindly ask that at all times you provide Infant Paracetamol for your child. We do not provide this on the premises as all families may use a different brand. I appreciate that it is difficult when working, however we will have no alternative that if medication is not provided we will have to ask you to come to the nursery with medication if your child requires this.

If you feel that you child is unwell, we kindly ask you to respect that we have an amazing team here at Saplings, but we regret that we are unable to provide one:one care for your child.

I thank you in advance for your cooperation with the above and compliance with our medication and sickness policy. If all adhere to the above, we will hopefully have a healthy summer ahead!

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